Organization and duties of the audit office

Appointment and dismissal of internal auditors:

The appointment or dismissal of Head of Internal Audit shall be approved by Board Audit Committee and further submitted to the Board of Directors for a resolution.
The audit office of the company is directly under Board of Directors, and the audit unit is allocated full-time personnel.
The audit scope covers various financial, business and other operational and management functions in the operating cycle, inspecting and evaluating the internal controls of relevant operating procedures to ensure that the design and implementation of these controls are appropriate, effective and efficient; its targets include the company and subsidiaries.
To establish a self-supervision mechanism, the Audit office reviews the self-assessment operational documents of various units and subsidiaries to confirm the execution quality. It integrates the results of self-assessment and reports to Board Audit Committee and the Board of Directors as the basis for issuing the Internal Control System Statement.

According to the annual audit plan approved by the Board of Directors and carry out special audits as necessary, submit the audit report to the Board Audit Committee and Board of Directors, and regularly report the implementation status and results to the board of directors to implement the spirit of corporate governance.


Archive audit reports, working papers and related documents according to the retention period stipulated in the guidelines for establishing internal control systems for public companies.