Communication with Stakeholders

Stakeholder communication mechanism:

Stakeholders Prioritize key issues Communication channels and response mechanism Communication in 2023
Shareholders and investors ● Corporate governance
● Sustainable development strategy
● Risk management
● Shareholder participation
● Operational performance
● Annual shareholders' meeting
● Regularly hold analyst meetings to disclose quarterly financial reports and operational updates
● Publicly disclose significant information simultaneously on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) information disclosure website and the company's official website
● For the announcement of significant events, disclose the information on the Public Information Observation Platform and the company's website
● Establish a shareholder and investor relations contact point for two-way communication
● Contact Point: Spokesperson, Ms. Chen
● June 19 Shareholders' Meeting
● Released 28 material information in Chinese and English
● Investor presentations scheduled for September 20 and December 27
● The company announces that it has not raised funds through social media to prevent investors from falling victim to fraud.
Customers ● Customer communication
● Customer service
● Evaluate and plan comprehensive system integration solutions based on customer needs
● Service outlets are spread across Taiwan, including the Taipei headquarters, Taoyuan branch, Hsinchu branch, Taichung branch, Tainan branch, and Kaohsiung branch
● Provide customers with diverse communication channels, including a 24-hour service hotline, customer complaint hotline, and a website visitor message board.
● Call Center: 02-5556-0000
● Awarded the Supplier Honor Award by Cathay Financial Holdings
● Successfully completed the ISO 27001 recertification
● Launched the official company YouTube channel
● No complaints or reports of dishonest behavior were received.
Suppliers ● Supplier management
● Business integrity and ethical
● Compliance with environmental
management regulations
● Green procurement
● Intellectual property rights
Supplier management
● Clearly communicate relevant regulations that suppliers must adhere to in the purchase order
● Sign a confidentiality agreement
● Ad-hoc meetings
● Contact Point: Procurement Department, Ms. Hsieh
● Released the Supplier Management Policy, requiring suppliers to adhere to sustainable development themes such as labor rights and human rights, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and ethical business conduct.
● Conducted sustainability self-assessment for key suppliers, with a 100% questionnaire response rate, and found no significant violations of sustainable development standards.
● No complaints or reports of dishonest behavior were received.
Employees ● Talent cultivation and development
● Employee care and a friendly work
● Occupational health and safety
● Employment relations
● Integrity in business operations
and business performance
● Supervisors and colleagues engage in periodic communication

● Regular labor-management meetings
● Offering annual free health check-ups, consultations, and organizing

periodic health seminars for employees
● Contact Point: Human Resources Department, Ms. Liu.
● Monthly meetings are held by the General Manager and various departments.
● Implemented a flexible working hours system, allowing employees to have flexible start and end times.
● Celebratory events are held every two months.
● Organized 12 employee trips, with a total participation of 631 employees and their family members.
● No complaints or reports of dishonest behavior were received.