About Fortune

Company Profile

Founded in April, 1966. Fortune Information was listed on the stock exchange in September, 1990 (#2468), with a paid-in capital of NT$690 million. Our Taipei head office is subordinate to Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung branches. We have also set up the Yunjiannan office to build a nationwide service network through localization and regional integration.
In response to industry trends and customers’ professional needs in different fields. We focus on promoting cloud applications, expanding virtualization applications, strengthening information security and mass data application solutions. Continuing to market and build our own application software brand. Our services include enterprise public/private cloud infrastructure construction and planning, network system planning, information security, backup and redundancy planning, financial institution information integration services, cloud monitoring and management, software development, project development, video projection product integration, document microfilm production, information image processing, document digitization, logistics warehouse management system, insurance software, insurance industry information services and information equipment. Our goal is to provide professional outsourcing services.
Our strengths include comprehensive after-sales services, diversified solutions, and the support by OEM.

Business Philosophy

Since its establishment, Fortune Information has been upholding the philosophy of “Integrity, Innovation, and Service”. Actively developing towards a diversified, multi-faceted, and high value-added service business. We are proud of our achievement of becoming the best information service partner for our customers by providing the most advanced information technology products in the world. Integrating our excellent team and having a nationwide presence.

Vision and Mission

As we enter the 21st century, the pace of information technology is getting faster and faster. The demand for computerization and automation in all industries is increasing. New products in the information service industry are constantly being introduced. In order to respond to the rapidly developing information service system, Fortune Information has started with “the new dynamic of continuous upgrading” to provide faster and more complete professional services to meet the needs of customers. In the future, we will move forward in the direction of diversification and multi-faceted. To improve the overall service quality with innovative products and professional technology. Build a better new information life.