Service Introduction

Service Item

System integration

We are focus on providing the Hybrid cloud services, enterprise application developments, data protection and DR solutions, network management and IT security solutions, data center managements and operations. Highly secure and reliable service level are the keys of protecting company’s information assets and achieving the goal of sustainable business operations.

Value-added service
Maintenance management
Professional video
Represent EPSON professional projectors for business, home and education units, AVer utility cameras, and SMART Board interactive whiteboards.
We have service locations throughout Taiwan. Teaching system construction, video product sales, rental, installation, maintenance and education training. The mobile projection cloud application solutions include: presentation room conference room system planning, home video entertainment planning, and e-classroom digital content teaching. Combining cloud services on the basis of energy saving and long-term efficiency. Seamlessly connecting with users’ mobile life. Allowing projectors to create more possibilities in more different environments.
Professional image

Provide customers with office document image creation, management system and professional services to scan large amount of complicated documents into digital electronic files. Services include: high-speed scanning, microfilming, index creation, floppy tape backup, and permanent media preservation.

We have developed our own DOCM solution to provide customers with a complete document management process. Including software and hardware solutions to help customers achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

Warehouse Logistics

We provide GEM (Global Execution Methodology) execution methodologies for supply chain management knowledge. Including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, channel, and logistics centers.

Self-developed EasyWare WMS system to help provide consulting services to improve operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary development costs.
Insurance Finance

We specialize in complete solutions and services for the insurance industry. Including information system consulting, professional customization services, data conversion services, insurance system training courses, and staffing services.

Based on the life insurance industry. We have expanded into the general insurance market. With our deep knowledge of the insurance industry, rich experience in insurance systems, and long-standing service brand advantages. We are able to support our clients with their manpower and technical problems.